January STARS

Patty Brubaker, Jeremiah Eaton, and Jennifer Gohl were selected as the Elko County School District’s January Staff and Teachers Achieving Results with Students (STARS) award recipients.

Brubaker, a Spring Creek area bus driver, was nominated by someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

According to the nomination, Brubaker has developed a lasting rapport with her students.

“Students that are no longer on her bus come to her bus almost daily to tell her they miss her and fill her in on what is going on in their lives,” the nomination read.

 Brubaker not only takes care of her students, but she is also concerned for her community and fellow colleagues.

“During December, she organized a collection box for the local animal shelter and dropped off some much-needed items. In November, she did a coat drive. She keeps the bus barn and her route upbeat and positive. Her bus is decorated with inspirational quotes that promote a positive healthy environment for the brief time the students are on board.”

Eaton, a science teacher at Elko High School, was nominated by student Sophia Green.

“Mr. Eaton is a wonderful teacher. He may have a reputation for being strict, but it is only to make sure his students grow up to be respectable, responsible adults who know what is right from wrong,” said Green.

“He encourages his students to put their best effort into assignments and to always ask for help if needed. He truly prepares students for the real-world and treats us as young adults. Overall, he just wants what is best for us. Not to mention, his engaging teaching style and passion for the subject have ignited a genuine curiosity for science in his students.”

Gohl is a vice principal at Adobe Middle School, nominated by former student Savannah Oliver.

Oliver explained Gohl shows kindness and shares positivity among students and staff “supporting and comforting them when they need help.”

“She always participates in school spirit days and activities and even participates with students during dress-up days.”

“She had a deep desire for inspiring her students to learn and do their best in her class. While I do not attend Adobe Middle School anymore, Ms. Gohl still reaches out to me to ask how I am doing and always supports me at my concerts.”

Recognition of these deserving employees would not be possible without sponsors: LeeAnne's Floral Designs, Maverick Gaming, The Star, and Rotary Club of Elko Desert Sunrise.

Staff, students and the general public are all encouraged to nominate a school district employee who demonstrates exceptional performance and commitment to the education of all students served by the district’s schools.

The nomination form can be found on the STARS webpage on the Elko County School District website.