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Behavioral Health Support at ECSD

At Elko County School District, we believe our individual health and collective wellness are essential to our success. The health and wellness of our students and staff is an identified pillar for the actions we chose in our plan to positively impact the learning of all ECSD students (Strategic Plan 2023-2026).


Mental Health Series, free parent coaching, and more!

ECSD is pleased to offer families mental health resources and one-on-one coaching at no cost through the online service by licensed therapists: ParentGuidance.org.

ECSD Mental Health Series 2023-24

Our Mental Health Series for 23-24 concludes April 2024! We hope you found value in the content and resources tailored for ECSD parents. Below, you'll discover recordings of all five webinars, including sessions in Spanish. Should you seek further clarification or wish to delve deeper into webinar topics with professionals, we suggest contacting ParentGuidance.org for complimentary Parent Coaching!

Past Webinar Recordings

Emotional Regulation-Recognizing What's Wrong- English & Spanish

Emotional regulation is the key to life! Nothing matters more than being able to control our emotions. The first step to creating healthy emotional regulation is recognizing what’s wrong. Learn 3 strategies you can use with your child to help communicate what they are feeling.

REPLAY LINK ENGLISH: https://cookcenter.info/Apr23ElkoReplay

REPLAY LINK SPANISH: https://cookcenter.info/Apr23ElkoSpReplay

What Parents Need to Know About Suicide Prevention- English & Spanish

Join us as we discuss Dr. Greg Hudnall's suicide prevention strategies, including knowing the warning signs, what to say or not say, and where you can go for help.

REPLAY LINK: https://cookcenter.info/Mar26ElkoReplay

REPLAY LINK SPANISH: https://cookcenter.info/Mar26ElkoSpReplay

Your Child's Anxiety- English & Spanish

Learn simple strategies that will help parents respond to their child’s anxiety. When applied these skills will help the child and parent bond, allowing the child to identify and work through their anxiety more effectively.

REPLAY LINK: https://cookcenter.info/Feb20ElkoReplay

REPLAY LINK SPANISH: https://cookcenter.info/Feb20ElkoSpReplay

Helping Your Child Succeed- English & Spanish

Parental warmth is one of the key areas of principle-based parenting. Children who experience parental warmth are found to be more creative, experience less depression, and have healthier self-esteem. Learn practical ways you can improve parental warmth as well as the importance of monitoring your child's behavior and reducing psychological control.

REPLAY LINK ENGLISH: https://cookcenter.info/Jan23ElkoReplay

REPLAY LINK SPANISH: https://cookcenter.info/Jan23ElkoSpReplay

Social Media: Protecting Your Child by Staying Aware & Involved- English & Spanish

Protecting children from technology that moves so fast, is very difficult to manage. Oftentimes, the way parents react can make the issues worse. In this session, learn the parenting pitfalls, as well as practical solutions to effectively managing technology use. Session topics include:

  • Guiding Principles of Effective Parenting

  • Educate About the Truth of Our Devices

  • Device Awareness

  • Avoid Being Blindsided

  • Expecting Challenges

  • Disciplined Parenting

-Course created by Dr. Kevin Skinner, LMFT, CSAT, EMDR

REPLAY LINK: https://cookcenter.info/Nov28ElkoReplay

REPLAY LINK SPANISH: https://cookcenter.info/Nov28ElkoSp

One-On-One Parent Coaching

“Some parents feel parental shame and think they have let their children down. It takes courage to reach out for help, and our coaches want to connect with you.”

Clinical Director, Dr. Kevin Skinner  


It takes a village…we’ve all heard that expression about what it takes to raise and guide a child. But what is in place to help parents with the difficult situations and tough conversations?

Elko County School District is providing a new parent coaching service through our partners at ParentGuidance.org. This confidential service is free for ECSD families. This service is not limited to one parent or household. Multiple parents and/or guardians have access to parent coaching.

Get Started TODAY: go to ParentGuidance.org, “Parent Coaching” and select "Get Started" to enroll.

For more information about the coaching process, click the links below:

School Wellness Supports

Below is a Tool-Box or summary of each of these supports in-place, including but not limited to ECSD professional staff, on-site partner agencies and organizations, as well as telehealth and counseling services available to all enrolled students and employees, and emergency contacts at local, state and national levels. 

Are you worried about your child?

ParentGuidance.org is an online service by licensed therapists that provides over 50 specialized on-demand courses in the privacy of your own home! Course topics range from Why Our Children Self-Harm and How Parents Can Help, De-Escalating Cycles of Conflict, Helping Your Child When They’re Bullied, and many more! Once on their website, navigate to On-Demand Courses at the top of the page, and choose your course!

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

suicide & crisis hotline

We can all help prevent suicide. The 988 Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals in the United States.

My Life is Worth Living

My Life is Worth Living™ is the first animated series that models the human connection shown to be protective against suicide. The series tells stories of characters who face some of the most difficult issues that young people deal with and shows their evolution in the key decision: that life is worth living.