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Teachers & Related Staff Members, school-based fundraising, along with other district initiatives, will now use SuccessFund to raise funds.

Fundraiser approvals, no longer done on paper, will be done online through SuccessFund. All campaigns will need principal approval. This will be a big improvement from our previous process, and it can all be done from your computer or phone. If you’ll be doing any fundraising you will need to sign up on the SuccessFund website.

Accessible tools we did not previously have access to:

  • Mobile Payments: Now you can accept donations and transact using Venmo, along with other modern payment methods such as PayPal, Google Pay and debit/credit cards . It’s all built into your fundraiser approval.

  • Pre-Built Marketing Tools: Auto-generated flyers with QR codes and customizable links will help you get the word out.

  • Sell Products Online: Set prices, limited quantities, and sell anything online (Swag, concessions, car washes, discount cards, etc.)

  • Everything in One Place: You can still track transactions that happen offline (cash and checks) so that you have one single record.

SuccessFund will provide training for principals and secretaries before school starts in the fall. If you get an email from SuccessFund, it's us setting up the approvals and getting the program started.

Contact Information

Elko County School District Central Office
7:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.

850 Elm Street
Elko, NV 89801
(775) 738-5196

Cassandra Stahlke
Chief Financial Officer
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