Spring wildland training program

Elko County School District Seniors,

Are you interested in training to be a Wildland Firefighter this spring, so you can start your career as a Wildland Firefighter after graduation or upon turning 18? 

Elko County School District, in collaboration with Elko County Fire Protection District, Nevada Division of Forestry, Bureau of Land Management, and United States Forest Service will be providing an opportunity for seniors to get the training they need during the school year, which includes both classroom instruction and field training. 

When you complete the program and become 18 years old, you will have received: 
All certificates necessary to become a wildland firefighter
All certificates to join a local volunteer fire department

The total course will be 40-48 hours and will include these courses: 
ICS-100- Introduction to Incident Command System (4 Hours) they will do this one online/ home work
ICS-200- Basic incident Command System (4 Hours) they will do this one online and/ home work
S-110- Basic Wildland Fire Orientation(.25- 1 Hour) this is a 15 minute video they will watch prior to class
S-130- Firefighter training (37-41 Hours)
S-190- Introduction to wildland Fire Behavior (6-8 Hours)
L-180- Human Factors in the wildland fire service (4 Hours)

More details will be coming soon, but for now, show us your interest and answer a few questions, so we can reach out to you by completing this survey. 

Link to survey https://forms.gle/dLqB5SQCdYAe...

For more information, contact Heather Steel, CTE Facilitator at hsteel@ecsdnv.net or 775-753-5575 ext. 1554.