The Nevada School Climate/Social Emotional Learning Survey (NV-SCSEL) is used to gather student feedback about their experiences at school. The NV-SCSEL surveys are administered to students in grade 5 and up throughout the state of Nevada during the fall of each school year. 

The NV-SCSEL surveys measure students’ perceptions of key aspects of school climate, including physical and emotional safety, relationships, and cultural and linguistic competence, as well as students’ social and emotional competencies. The survey is an opportunity for students to anonymously share their experiences of their school’s climate with their school, school district, and NDE. 

To learn more about the survey, visit nevadaschoolclimate.org. Elko County School District will be administering the survey to students (5th -12th grade) between November 20th and December 14th , 2023.

Parents can preview the survey here: https://5il.co/28q0d 

Questions on the survey are optional. Students can choose not to answer any question they do not want to answer. Parents can opt their child(ren) out of participating in the survey by contacting their child(ren)’s school. If you have any questions about the NV-SCSEL survey, please contact your child(ren)’s school.