We at Elko County School District are fully committed to our students’ health. We look after each student’s physical and mental wellbeing while they are in our care and work together with families and the community to ensure the health of our community’s children. 

Administration of Medication

Certain health problems require that students take medication during school hours. For the safety of our students, we require that medication be kept in the health office at all times.

Medication must be in its original, properly labeled container. Prescription medication must have the pharmacy label, as this serves as the doctor’s order.

A signed consent form giving specific directions for use must accompany medication from the parent. 

Immunization Information

We will notify parents of continuing students by mail if your child needs additional immunizations before the new school year. State law requires students to complete all required immunizations before school starts. To protect our students, we cannot permit students who cannot provide proof of required immunizations to attend school or ride the bus on the first day of classes. Please submit immunization updates to the school office.

Health Services Staff

Bobbi Shanks
School Nurse Coordinator

Larry Robb
Mental Health Professional
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