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SCMS and EHS Students Raise and Release Trout

Elko High School and Spring Creek Middle School students at South Fork Reservoir

After raising trout in the classroom, Elko High School and Spring Creek Middle School students released the freshwater species into South Fork Reservoir in March.

SCMS eighth-grade students enrolled in Ag Ventures, taught by Jenny Albisu, and EHS Veterinary Science students, taught by Heather Steel, gathered at Jet Ski Beach Campground where they received presentations from longtime NDOW Conservation Educator Joe Doucette and Brandolyn Thran from the Nevada Outdoor School.

Before releasing the trout, students discussed how they correctly and carefully prepared the aquarium water prior to the release. The discussions also highlighted responsible stewardship while enjoying the outdoors.

Student with fishnet over bucket

Steel explained students learned that wildlife being raised in captivity is distinctly different from how they live in the natural world.

“Creating a controlled natural environment requires a lot of maintenance and care, which comes with successes and failures,” said Steel. “They [students] were able to see the beginning phases of a trout's lifecycle, from egg to sac fry. The focus of field day, which included learning about releasing the trout into the lake, was to consider humans' role in conservation, and how each one of us can make an impact.” 

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