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ECSD Seek Business and Industry Learning Opportunities for High School Students

Elko County School District is currently searching for businesses in Elko County that would be willing to support our high school students for upcoming activities. We need local employers from all the communities we serve, including Carlin, Elko, Jackpot, Owyhee, Spring Creek, Wells, and West Wendover to provide ECSD feedback and opportunities for our students, based on our local community workforce needs. It is important that our students are learning skills that are important for placement into employment in our local area, and we need businesses to help us understand what the skill demands are.

Businesses can choose which activities to participate in including ECSD College and Career Fair, serving on our advisory board committees to promote business and industry in education, and many different work-based learning opportunities such as, being a guest speaker, offering internships/externships, and industry tours.

Businesses who are interested in participating can fill out the ECSD Business and Industry interest form.

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