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Board Interviews Begin Next Week

The Elko County School District announces the resignation of three more school board members effective August 18. Trustees Luc Gerber, Robert Leonhardt, and Candace Wines resigned from their seats late Wednesday evening. Upon last week’s resignations of Trustee Brian Zeiszler and Board President Jim Cooney, the order of succession provides that Teresa Dastrup is now acting board President. Dastrup and Trustee Ira Wines remain on the board. 

Moving Forward 
Letters of interest for board seats are being accepted now for at least two weeks. Interviews for the vacant seats will begin as early as next week during Tuesday’s scheduled board meeting. 

In response to the unrest felt by the community due to the number of vacant seats, Dastrup reassures the community that the board will continue to carry out the work of the district:  “We still have two active board members. We can still function as a board, and we still have the power to appoint new board members.” 

Dastrup also wanted to address recent rumors regarding the large number of vacancies before schools open under guidance set forth by the state of Nevada: “The state has been watching the occurrences in our county, and they have reached out to express their concerns,” said Dastrup. “I think it’s important that we are transparent and people know that. But at this time, in coordination with the board, the directors, and administration, we are doing the work of the district and we are refocusing our efforts on teaching and learning.” 

For those interested in board consideration, please email resumes and letters of interest to Ms. Kassandra Gray, assistant to the board of trustees, or drop them off to Ms. Gray at Elko County School District, 850 Elm Street, Elko, NV 89801. For those who are hesitant, Dastrup said: “There will always be difficult times, but right now is a great time to step up for our kids and future.” Dastrup said applicants will be asked to complete a pre-training prior to their appointment made available by the Nevada Association of School Boards (NASB). “The dates for this training will be forthcoming. The training will provide interested candidates with an overview of trustee duties and roles. In the meantime, we will provide a video training for interested candidates which can be accessed from our district website.” 

With the recent resignations, district seats available for appointment include districts 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6. “We need people to make sure they are aware of which district they reside in prior to applying so there’s no frustration or disappointment,” said Dastrup. “Please refer to the maps on the county website or contact the county clerk’s office if you are unsure of which district you reside in.” 

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