Welcome to the Elko County School District (ECSD), where our passion and vision is to provide learning for all. We strive daily to provide an environment where every student can find the education, assistance, belonging, and opportunities needed to pursue their hopes and dreams for life after high school.

In ECSD, we are committed to providing students a safe and caring learning environment, high-quality first-time instruction, access to technology and resources, and relevant learning opportunities that will prepare them for success. We value, respect, and support our administrators, teachers, and staff because we believe the key to student success is excellent and caring educators. We are fortunate to have dedicated faculty and staff who fully understand the importance of their roles and responsibilities to ethically facilitate academic and personal learning and growth. We are devoted to continuous improvement and high expectations for all students and staff.

I truly believe education is an individual, unique experience for every child. For our students to be able to benefit from all of what our wonderful schools have to offer, every member of the school community is needed. As a leader in this district, I recognize and embrace the responsibility to help shape a district culture which mobilizes people to do the work necessary to improve the systems, structures, and practices that support and sustain an accessible and rigorous curriculum and school programming that meets the unique needs of our wonderful children.

We seek to establish a mutually respectful, honest rapport with all stakeholders and members of our school community, with clear communication as a high priority. Respectful and supportive relationships are the heart of a healthy and effective school community. When everyone shares in creating and understanding the values of our schools, our students are the ultimate beneficiaries. I invite everyone to commit to join us in being an active participant and agent for good in the development of our schools and lives of our students.

Clayton Anderson

Clayton Anderson
Superintendent of Schools