Elko County School District is launching a strategic planning process to define our district's mission, vision, and core values based on the needs of Elko County students, staff, and families. With new leadership and administrators in place, and as we emerge from the challenging past two school years, we are ready to work together to chart our path forward for the next three years.

We’ve formed a Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) to engage deeply in the planning effort. This 16-member group represents a cross-section of our school based and central staff, professional development partners, and the board of trustees. The SPC will gather data and facilitate group discussions in order to get a clearer idea of expectations from students, families, staff, and the communities we serve.

Your voice matters. We are designing events this year to engage you in the planning process. This website will provide up to date information to our entire community on the strategic planning process.

We’re looking forward to working together as we focus on providing high quality instruction and support to all of our students.

At the March 6, 2023, board meeting, Superintendent Anderson presented the proposed strategic planning framework which describes the pillars and aspirations chosen by the SPC. Now, the board of trustees and the SPC would like to hear from staff, students, families and the community. Please click here to share your input on the direction of our school district.

Strategic Planning Documents

Strategic Planning Team
Development Process and Timeline

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a strategic plan?

A strategic plan is a formal guide that describes how the district will meet its goals and objectives. These goals and objectives will be created from the use of the desired daily experience.

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How was the strategic planning team created?

The strategic planning team includes all of cabinet. The remaining people on the team were recruited and identified by department directors.

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