Technology is a vital part of learning today. It is a powerful learning tool that students can carry with them into all their future endeavors. We are proud to provide the latest technology in all our classrooms, which we introduce at age-appropriate intervals. Each teacher receives training specific to the resources we provide so they can maximize the use of devices in their classrooms. In addition to a computer lab and computers in each classroom, we provide the following at ECSD:

  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Interactive televisions
  • Tablets
  • Computers in every classroom
  • Computer lab

Information Technology Staff

Mack Robinson
Director of Information Technology

Steven Cottrell
Computer Technician

Josh Farmer
Infinite Campus Administrator

Jared Garrison
Computer Technician

Kangkang Ma
Computer Technician

Carl Marley
Computer Technician

Charles Pratt
Network Technician

Judy Walker
Computer Technician