Welcome to the Grant Office. Our mission is to acquire supplemental funds for innovative plans to improve the academic achievement of ECSD students.

Parent Advisory Committee

The Parent Advisory Committee is an equal partner with the Elko County School District in the operation of the Native American Education Formula Grant Program. This committee serves as a liaison between the parents of our tribal communities and the Native American Education Formula Grant Program. The committee offers an additional opportunity for parental involvement in their child's education. Eligibility for membership is in accordance with the Title VI Constitution and By-Laws

Lita Piffero of Elko, Chairperson
Kara Arias of Elko, Vice Chairperson
Carissa Cassadore of Elko, Secretary
Charlotte Atkins of Owyhee, Member
Courtney Thomas of Elko, Member
Barbara Pete of Owyhee, Teacher

Committee Meetings

The committee holds meetings at 4:30 p.m. on the third Monday of each month unless otherwise specified.

Federal Programs

Title 6

The Native American Education Formula Grant Program exists to meet the unique academic and cultural needs of American Indian and Alaskan Native Students in the Elko County School District by offering supplemental programs and services in compliance with the federally-funded Indian Education Formula Grant.

Title IA Programs

Title IA programs utilize federal dollars to provide assistance by funding additional support personnel, programs, and materials for Title IA schools. The Title IA program also provides professional development for classroom teachers on a variety of topics that support the core curriculum. Title IA also supports the following initiatives:

  • Helps students become proficient in reading and math.
  • Fosters positive attitude toward learning.
  • Provides pre-K school programs.
  • Funds full-day kindergarten programs.
  • Helps establish English Language Learner (ELL) programs.
  • Promotes family involvement and engagement.

Parent involvement is a critical component to academic achievement. We present our district’s Parent Involvement Accord based on Nevada legislation during the required Annual Title IA meeting for parents at the beginning of each school year.

Grant Office Staff

Cassandra Stahlke
Grant Manager & Family Engagement Coordinator
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Sherry Weston
School & Family Support Specialist
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