Behavioral Health Support in ECSD, a Tool-Box for Social and Emotional Support

ECSD encompasses several approaches when providing support regarding mental and emotional support for its students and employees. 

Below is a Tool-Box or summary of each of these supports in-place, including but not limited to ECSD professional staff, on-site partner agencies and organizations, as well as telehealth and counseling services available to all enrolled students and employees, and emergency contacts at local, state and national levels. 

School Counselors
School Social Workers and Mental Health Professionals
Communities in Schools
Safe Voice
Crisis and Emergency Support

School-Based Behavioral Health Referral Forms

The ECSD Behavioral Health Unit, aka: Social Workers in Schools Program, can now offer limited therapy services in the school setting.

If you identify as a student, parent or guardian of a student, peer, or staff member, you may fill out a referral form below and turn it into Larry Robb, School Mental Health Staff Coordinator.

For more information:
Larry J. Robb, LSW
School Mental Health Staff Coordinator
Social Worker/ Mental Health Professional
(775) 738-5196 or (775) 738-7281