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Duane Barton 

Computer Systems Manager
(775) 738-5196 ext 1128

     IT Help Desk


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   6:15 a.m - 3:30 p.m.
Due to the ever-changing world we live in there is an increasing dependence on information that requires technology in order to exist and compete in today's workplace. We must provide an environment that enhances our students' learning opportunity and prepares them for a successful future. The Elko County School District is committed to enhancing learning through the utilization and availability of technology for all students.

  Josh Farmer,  Computer Analyst
  Jared Garrison, Computer Technician
  Kangkang Ma, Computer Technician
  Carl Marley, Computer Technician
  Charles Pratt, Network Technician
  Mack Robinson, Network Technician
  Judy Walker, Computer Technician

               Information Websites
                District Technology Plan    
Nevada State Technology Plan 
                Acceptable Use Policy   
                Technology Committee

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