For questions, please notify:

Jeani Morrison
Curriculum Department Assistant

(775) 738-5196 ext 106

Your school site counselor

Advanced Academics Support Number

(866) 235-3276





    Progress is monitored by the Advanced Academics and the Elko County School District.

     Student progress should also be monitored by the student and parent.



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Additional information

Removal from Elko On-Line
Students may be removed from the Elko On-Line program and enrolled back in their attendance area school if sufficient advancement on course work is not being made.  This progress will be determined by the Elko County School District depending upon how many classes a student is enrolled in.

The Elko County School District offers students another   alternative for a high school education. Now home school students can get the best of both worlds: a quality public school education with the convenience and personal attention of home schooling.
Elko On-Line is an online distance education program sponsored by the Elko County School District and powered by Advanced Academics. The courses are delivered completely over the Internet with no books or software to buy so students in grades 7-12 can access their courses anywhere they have a computer connected to the Internet.
In order to participate in the Elko On-Line program  the student and parent must attend an orientation session and must visit their attendance area counselor in order to register for the Elko On-Line program.

Extension Fee
A fee of $30 must be paid for a one week extension before an extension will be given.  

If, for any reason, a student should need an extension on a class (or classes), it is the student's responsibility to pay for the extension. 

Date and Time Restraints
Even though the program is somewhat self-paced, there are date and time constraints.  Students will receive a personalized schedule at orientation as to the date limit for their classes.  Students must  work on their classes five days a week and approximately 2 hours per class.