Child Find - Early Childhood Services - Serving  Children Ages 3 to 5
Our Mission:
The Elko County School Districts Early Childhood Special Education Program is committed to the continued growth and development of children ages three through five years. All aspects of communication, cognition, social-emotional, and motor skill development are addressed in order to promote continuous growth in all children. The various components of this special education program provide individualized services to children who meet eligibility requirements.


To schedule an appointment or have questions, please notify:

Chris Soto,  Assistant

Kassi Gray
,  Assistant

(775) 753-8646

What is Child Find?

Child Find strives to increase public awareness of what constitutes a developmental delay and is the first step in identifying children who may benefit from early intervention services. Child Find  also offers information about services that available to children and their families. The purpose of Child Find is to provide free developmental assessments to identify if a child's development in the areas of speech, language, behavior, social skills, motor skills, and learning, are on track.