Career and Technical Education Curriculum

Establish a clear system goal of career and college readiness for all students. All students need a strong arsenal of reading, comprehension, reasoning, problem-solving and personal skills to be ready for the world of meaningful post secondary education and training as well as entry into the high-skilled workplace.

Create a positive school culture that stresses personalization in planning and decision-making. At a minimum, every student should be led through a process of academic and career awareness, exploration, and individualized planning for graduation and beyond that will guide the high school experience.

Dramatically improve how and where academic content is taught. Integration of academic competencies into CTE curricula and of real-world content and applied methods and examples into traditional academic classes can raise student achievement levels and increase understanding of rigorous concepts.

Create incentives for students to pursue the core curriculum in an interest-based context. From across the school reform spectrum, there is ample evidence that connecting rigorous academic expectations with the relevance of an interest-based curriculum can help connect students to learning in powerful ways.

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