Resources regarding the quarantine of students and staff

Per the ECSD Board of Trustees request on 10/13/2020

Nevada Health Response Website COVID-19 Outbreak School Guidelines
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Welcome to the Elko County School District!


"To establish career and college readiness by ensuring each students growth in mastery of essential knowledge and skills"

The Elko County School District is Nevada's third largest school district. Under the leadership of our Board of Trustees, Superintendent Michele Robinson, and site administrators, we are committed to high academic standards and achievement for all of our students.

We have 21 school sites comprised of 29 schools, approximately 10,096 students, 868 full-time employees, 224 part-time employees, and 263 substitute teachers. Substitute teachers and temporary employees are used for providing additional services when needed. Our employees are our greatest asset.

We all share the same common purpose, to promote a community of life-long learners. Your active participation is a critical element to our success.

We are working diligently to ensure that we foster an environment conducive to the highest level of learning. Let's work together to set up our students for success by:

Building strong relationships
Encouraging all students to meet their fullest potential
Collaborating at all levels of the organization